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We are a small, but mighty, Not-For-Profit - 501(c)(3) - No-Kill dog and cat rescue organization in South Florida.  We are comprised solely of volunteers who love animals. We rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats and work very hard to place them in loving homes.


We are comprised ENTIRELY of volunteers with full-time careers and families. We believe the best environment for a dog or cat is a loving home.  Acquiring and staffing a shelter becomes a tremendous overhead cost as we want 100% of our funds to go towards the rescue, care and adoption of our animals.  We depend on our Foster Families to care for our rescued animals until we can find their "Forever" Family.  We do the rescue stuff (which is our true passion) after work and on the weekends. So if your phone calls or emails are not answered by a live person right away --- it's probably because we are at work and will reply as soon as we get home.

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Last week we helped rescue HIWAY, an 8 week old tabby kitten whose injury required amputation of his leg --- and then we became involved with CHABOT, a stray whose eye lashes are facing inwards, scratching his eyeballs. Untreated, he will lose sight in both eyes. His surgery is scheduled for Thursday 5/22/14 with Dr. Swinger of The Eye Guys at Hollywood Animal Hospital -- and then today we committed to help LEXI, a young female Black Lab who had been hit by a car in front of Channel 10's office, a couple days ago.

We are happy to help, but even when the surgeon/hospital discounts their services, there is still a considerable Vet bill – and in this case, surgeries times 3!  

Donations in any amount are welcome. Those $2 - $5 and $10 donations all add up. We have a PayPal link on our webpage: www.gratefulpaws.org or you can call for a mailing address - 954-462-8840. 

Thanks, and remember, we are a local, no-kill, 501©3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible.  

LEXI is a young female Black Lab who was hit by a car in front of Channel 10's office.  

If you watch Channel 10, you may have seen LEXI featured on some of their segments.  She is now a Grateful Paws dog under the care of Drs. Bibevski and Dr. Miyamoto at Hollywood Animal Hospital .. It was determined that the injury to her rear leg was not fixable and the leg had to be amputated. And on 3-legs, she will be just fine.

Lexi had her surgery on 6/6/14 and she was up and walking (almost running) the next day.  She looks great - a little swollen which is to be expected--and the bandage is covered with betadine or something along those lines to reduce infection.  

We have a foster-to-adopt home lined up for her.  The family will be meeting her on Monday.  We will keep you posted.  You can follow her progress on this website.

We are happy to help, but even when the surgeon/hospital discounts their services, there is still a considerable Vet bill.

Donations in any amount are welcome. Those $2 - $5 and $10 donations all add up. We have a PayPal link above on the right or you can call for a mailing address - 954-462-8840.

Thanks, and remember, we are a local, no-kill, 501c3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible.   

And of course, we welcome ALL contributions towards their vet bill. You can donate via PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button on the upper right hand side of this page, or to see all the ways to donate CLICK HERE. And know that all donations go towards vet bills as we are 100% volunteer, no-one receives a salary.

Please earmark it LEXI and be sure to include your email address so we can acknowledge your generosity.



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Meet Stephanie - She did a fundraiser for Grateful Paws and raised $55.25! Stephanie baked cookies and packaged them nicely to sell to friends, family and neighbors! She did this entirely on her own and presented Grateful Paws with the check for all her hard work. Stephanie and her brother also won a gift certificate for vet services valued at $200 at a chinese auction at their school, which they generously donated to Grateful Paws Rescue! The Horowitz family adopted a dog from us a couple of months ago and named her Cici. She is a happy addition to their wonderful family! Thank you so much!
Featured Pet
Meet ABIGAIL (ABBY GIRL)  SHE LIKES CATS LOVES TO PLAY BALL! She is a HOOT! And she is one heck of a CATCHER! You toss - she fetches - and actually brings it back! She drops it and if you don't pick it up and toss it again - she will bark at you until you do! Amazing lady and very sweet. and - SHE IS OK WITH CATS! This member of the gray muzzle club was found wandering on a major highway near the Everglades -- her eyes were a mess and she could hardly walk...certain to get hit by a car or worse (snake, gator). We are pretty sure she was DUMPED -- At any rate, one of our friends picked her up and took her to the Vet, and now Grateful Paws is trying to find her a new forever home. She WAS totally emaciated --not able to walk -- had been eating dirt (lots of dirt in her stool)- and was loaded with fleas. AND the good news is -- she is heartworm NEGATIVE! She is FINE NOW... running, walking, eating well.  Her coat is shiny and she has gained a couple pounds, And... this gal is NOW playing and was running circles with the young Jack Russell pup (Eddie) she  shared a foster home with! She is looking good and doing GREAT! NO health issues. The eye specialist at Hollywood, Dr. Swinger performed surgery on her eyes as her lid was growing incorrectly -- so we did the surgery on both eyes - both successful and now she is FINE! She is sweet and gentle and most likely about 10 years old, maybe 45 - 50 lbs. She does not pull when on a leash - rides well in the car -- listens and knows commands. We have named her Abigail. She is currently living in a foster home in Ft. Lauderdale -- and is doing great. AND--- She gets along well with CATS! She will be a GREAT companion!
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Grateful Paws tries to be supportive of local businesses and is trying to help our economy by buying MADE IN AMERICA products whenever we can—and supporting independent business ~~~ and the first place to start is in our own backyard.  READ MORE on our Sponsors Page.

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